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Independence, Accessibility and Safety

Genesis accepts patients of all ages. These patients are concerned about going out in public, want to avoid the hospital as much as possible, and most of all want to feel that they are cared for. Genesis addresses these issues with faith-based care. We want our patients to know that we care about them holistically: body, mind, and spirit.


We make sure to offer the best quality care to our patients with our licensed medical staff. At Genesis, we pride ourselves on providing our local communities with faith, friendship, and fantastic care.

Of course, our patients can always refuse the religious aspect of our services. 

Our main office is located in what was a previous church in Yale, OK. Our second location is in Cushing, OK. 



Our skilled, highly qualified nurses, therapists, and home health aides are experienced!  Compassion and care is given while helping clients build cognitive and motor skills along with confidence and a greater sense of independence. 

At Genesis Home Health LLC, we draw upon several therapeutic methods to develop a treatment program carefully tailored to the client’s abilities and treatment goals.  While each client’s goals differ, they often include improving cognitive and/or motor skills, finding ways to compensate where certain skills may be lacking, and ultimately, gaining greater independence.

 We offer the very best, compassionate care. It is our goal to improve the physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness of our clients.

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